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A Rosary for the Pope

Imagine my  surprise and delight when I got a call from the US Government asking me to make the gift the United States Government would present to the newly elected Pope Francis!  Although I won't make the exact rosary I made for him, I am making replicas.  

Pope Francis Koa Wood Rosary Replica for Sale


Today I received my rosary and wanted to tell you how beautiful it is!!! You have a talented gift from above. Your prayers while making it were much appreciated. I am glad to have it in time for Lent, and will say prayers for you and your family. Thank you again for this treasure .

Jane Wilcox

Dear Pam, I received the Rosary beads. They are in a word magnificent. They are even more beautiful than I had hoped for. You are truly blessed in your gift of craftsmanship. Thank you, I will treasure them.


We just received the rosary yesterday and it is stunning in person. We are so thrilled with the job you have done and cannot wait to give it to her at her Baptism. Thank you so much for your beautiful work and kind heart.


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FLUORITE ROSARY with Large Sacred Heart

FLUORITE ROSARY with Large Sacred Heart

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Blue Lace Agate Rosary with Large Sacred Heart

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14k Gold Jade Rosary!

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