All Argentium Sterling Silver Rosary with Koa Beads

Small Koa beads (5mm) more suitable for pocket or purse.  It's a little miniature of the Pope's rosary.

I thought it would be good for a First Holy Communion or even a baptism.  It's a rosary which a child will use even as an adult.  


5mm Hail Mary beads which are unfortunately no longer available.  This rosary is sold and was one of a kind. 


  • Hello Pam. Could you tell me what size the Our Father beads are on this rosary? God bless you. Chris

    Christine Pacanowsky
  • Is it available for shipping to the Philippines? How much is the small koa beads rosary? (miniature of Pope’s rosary)

    Antonieta C. Lamar

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