Imagine! A Gift for Pope Francis

Imagine my amazement when I received a call from the Office of Protocol asking if I would be able to make the gift of a rosary which would be presented to our new Pope upon his election. I was to find someone to make a beautiful Koa Wood Box to go with it. Providentially, I had met Matt Medeiros the month before when he donated a beautiful jewelry box to the Knights of Columbus Valentine's Day dance. He agree to do it. It was all done in a great hurry as the Pope was elected within a day or two after I got the call.

Humbled, honored, blessed, singled out by the Lord... These are some of the feelings I had and have to this day. I know Matt feels the same. Matt has agreed to make my Koa rosary boxes. (If you want a fancier box, just let me know and we'll twist his arm a bit to do it. He leads a busy life with wife, kids and work, not to mention he is the Grand Knight in our local Knights of Columbus order, but he loves to serve.)

Thanks to my friend, Randy, I have this new website and new blog. I will use it to put up my new rosaries from now on.

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